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Agree with Ola about thickness and control/comfort in heavy chop: the dedicated speed iSonic 50 board is a handfull in term of comfort/control in nasty chop even if it's super narrow. Boxy and thick rails on the tail block are no fun in these kind of conditions whereas slim, thin and razor sharp rails on the tail block of the Acid 62 are a sweet dream to my taste.

It also come down to your riding style and type of sails when blasting pedal-to-the-metal in nuke conditions. I love to be well powered up with an immediately available "power gas handle" under my back hand when hardcore blasting my Acid 62 : I'm using NP NR sails (ancestor of Search/Alpha) which are powerfull and super stable sails (rigged on SDM masts). I hate a softer sail like a NP Zone (no power in the head; all power around the boom area) or the draft's unstability/easy neutrality of a sail like a NP Core (felt absolutely gutless to me). I guess wave riding and/or straight line blasting do require different type of sails and boards. The main difficulty is to find the best combo that works best according to the style and preference of each of us. Lukily, the available choice is plenty enough to choose from (didn't like Acid 66 nor AHD MF 7'10" : slow to planing & to accelerate).

Good luck finding the magic board/sail combo of your dream...!

Cheers !


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