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Originally Posted by puclaro View Post
Thanks, appreciate your feedback Jean-Marc and Ola. Will keep in mind the boards you both mentioned to try them as the opportunity comes.

As for riding style, it seems our approach is different, I use hot superfreak, and don't mind the blasting part, over 30 while staying still for seconds after waterstart, enjoying the view and watching what's around you.. going ahead for long times out of the straps while sheeting out, neutralizing.. it's fine

Will try the PA74 for sure, sounds interesting..
Hi Puclaro,

I think I might have to apologize a bit because I should not have posted a comment on the Acid 74 after taking it out for the first time ever in such high winds. In those conditions:

* I needed a 3.5.-3.7 not the 4.2 I was sailing. I was so powered up that I was litterally scared to let the board go, and, as Ola remarked, slowing down is not such a good idea in those conditions. Things get really confused, sailing becomes stop and go and ... no fun. You need to let the board fly (a-la-slalom) and I was not capable of doing that with the 4.2 (I am ordering a superfreak 3.8).

* The board was set up by eye-ball (not a day to try things ... trying to survive that I was) and I don't know what the correct set up is yet (today it sort of rained and then it was 10 miles/hour).

* For the little that I was capable to enjoy the board I liked it a lot ... it felt playful on the big chop.

* When conditions get that big there might be no substitute for a Gorge-like board: 60-65 liters, e.g. my Blair ... why did I get rid of it? oh, yes I remember, in the Bay I could use it with confidence twice a year .... And this might be old school thinking, after a year on the A74 I might have changed my mind. It really looks like a board that can handle 3.5 to 5.5 ... a perfect Bay Area play-thing.

hope this help, maybe I will post more in the acid 74 thread when I get more time on the board

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