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the selection of the board depends on your home beach and the beaches that you visit, if they have a really small chop well, i would go for the flare, but if your home beach is bump and jump, get the rrd, i like the rrd verymuch, the rrd boards are really easy to pop out of the water, i can do lightwind stuff with it and if im tired of freestyling i can practice some waveriding because the rrd fsw is truly a nice hybrid board, the best in my opinion(i have tried alot of hybrids,(syncro,kombat,jpfswand spice) and its lighter,tho that depends on the riding style ofcourse, me myself i like very light boards, they are easier to start freestyling with and doing newschool tricks, better to control in the air, and later if you get really into freestyling get a flare or another pure fs board!

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