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Originally Posted by Screamer View Post
Ola wrote: "flat out, let it fly style"
Now you sound like Ian, never ease off the accelerator

Well, I have two iSonics now. Maybe i got infected by something though them...

Seriously though, sailing boards in chop is a bit like mountain biking super rough terrain. If you slow down you will get bounced around a lot and will be in for a very tiring ride. If you keep sped up you will float over things and in the end be much more in control.

But I know it not easy. I can don it well on my wave tuff because I'm so much at home on it. But when I step on my slalom stuff I'm a beginner and when it gets rough, I tend to let of and then get bounced around which makes things even worse. So, it take more that just _knowing_ how it should be done. If you are not comfortable on your gear to start with, you are unlikely to trust it enough in the right stuff.
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