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Originally Posted by MichaelS View Post
I may be pushing the envelope of this thread, but how about small racesails for this type of sailing? I find that my 4.8 and 4.2 freemovesails almost never seem to cover the required "gustrange" at these windspeeds - it's too much "stop and go/overpowered". I would expect a small (<= 5m) racesail to have the largest usable windrange in one trim.

But would this be compatible with e.g. a PA74?

My smallest "racesail" is a Naish 5.6 RedLine (2006, 2 cams) that I can easily use when people are in the 4.5-4.7 range. I sometimes wonder if a locked-down style of sailing with a very small race sail, for example a Hotsails Demon at its smallest 4.0, might be the ticket.

It might work for some people but in the Bay Area the problem is the high frequency chop. I am not sure if I will ever be able to push myself to the point of feeling confortable adopting the same approach I have with my slalom board/sail in VERY high winds.

If anything I am going the opposite direction, I am ordering a small quiver of Hotsails Superfreak (5.0/4.2 or 4.7/4.0) trying to calm down the sailing at those high wind speed.

The idea is to keep 5.5+ for locked down blasting, and <5.0 to "relax" and dance around ...

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