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Originally Posted by MichaelS View Post
Davide, have you used the Redline on your waveboard?
Just wondered if 5.0 racesail + 75L waveboard might be the magic solution for me.
Hi Michael,
no I have not sailed the Redline with the Acid 74. The wind has been completely dead adter the advisory. However I do not plan to use it on the Acid 74 (on the SW52 and iSonic 76, yes!)

The following might be of some use to you: I can use my Redline 5.6 with my Rogue Wave (55.5 wide about 86 liters, somewhat similar to the Kombat in size). My Rogue Wave was built as a freeride/slalom with fairly thick rails, long straight, and V in the back, and with a Tuttle Box: I can use a Tectonics Goldwing fin on it (30cm). It actually works very well, it makes for a slower but very sure footed ride when powered up. However: the SW52 is faster, and goes upwind better.

The Acid 74 with a 5.0 freerace on paper should work, but do get an upright fin (think True Ames Convert 28cm long). Still it is questionable if you will be able to sail efficiently when powered up, I would not be surprised is the board starts to "slide". I might try the Acid with my HotSails Stealth 5.5 (7 battens "freerace") but not in very powered up to overpowered conditions ... by the time I get in sub-5.5 conditions I will use my SO 4.7/4.2 or the upcoming Superfreaks 5.0/4.2/3.7 ... (sitll: in just powered 5.5 my Sonic S52 or the upcoming Isonic 76 will work better ...)

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