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Default Bumpy ride

I recently seem to have developed a new problem and I can't figure out what the solution is.

I've come away from the last few sailing sessions feeling as though the surface of the water was badly bumpy and that I was a bit out of control and uncomfortable because of it. Other guys on the water don't seem to have found it too bad and I don't think I was overpowered but the knees and back are starting to take strain.

I've recently started sailing smaller boards (I've just got an Evo 74) and also changed to a waist harness about 6 months ago. I didn't notice the problem immediately I switched to the waist harness but maybe it is something that has developed with time. I switched because of the usual advantages you hear about regarding waist harnesses but also because I was finding the seat harness pretty uncomfortable (certain things were getting squashed).

Looking at some recent photos of my stance, I look as though I am standing very vertically rather than hanging out over the water.

So how to I go about fixing the problem? Adjust stance, wishbone height, harness lines? I feel as though I should be able to get it right with a waist harness.

Any ideas on how to reduce the bumpy ride would be much appreciated.

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