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Default The right slalom quiver...


I?m looking for the rangiest two board slalom solution and wonder if you cold support me a bit here. I have already decided to limit the lower end to an iSonic 122, on which I intend to use a 9,0 and 7,5 freerace sail. With that given, the question is what iSonic to pick as the high wind alternative: The iS 87 or the iS 94. Spontaneously I feel like going for the iS 94, but I?m uncertain if there?s too much of an overlap between the 122 and the 94.

Since I am on a limited budget, one convenient thing about choosing the iS 94 in front of the iS 87 is that I probably could get away with only three sails for the two boards. The 9.0 and the 7,5 for the iS 122 and 7,5 + 6,0 for the iS 94. Does this sound like a reasonable slalom quiver ?

I have approx. 10 years of experience from our sport and I sail coastal conditions, ranging from flat to moderate chop. Rider weight is 85 kg.

/ Andy
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