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Hi Ian,

thanks for your reply!!
I got your point you made concerning choosing a smaller board than typical for GPSS, however I am still sceptical to go for the 87. As GPSSS is not the only objective i have (unfortunately the conditions are pretty rare for 'real' speed surfing) , I want also a versatile board for 'ordinary' hi-wind slalom (fun)-racing. I typical sail in european conditions, choppy waves, some gusting, on-shore winds.
Considering this bunch of requirements , i still consider the IS96 the best compromise for me.
I am concerned that the 87 will be to small for normal surfing with my weight of 91kg.

So am i right with me concerns ? i would love to test one of these boards, but unfortunately they are hard to get as test boards here in germany.

Do you think the Is96 can handle the RSS7.2 ? Which speed potential you see inside the IS96?

Just another aspect: i recently went speeding with my PA86, just in wave trim i was pretty fast. I can't really say how fast, as i didn't had the GPS that time. I was out in 30+kts wind with 4.7 and i guess it was well above 30 kts speed. What is your experience in using such boards in flat water? which trim and other speed tuning measures you can recommend, e.g fin size & type etc.

Thanks in advance again for your reply.

Cheers Tim
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