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Hi Tim
As Ian and NED 321 explained, the iS87 is the one to go for. Even if on paper the the iS94/96 and ST115 appear to be very different, you will soon find out that they share a similair sweet spot I.E. 6.5 to 7.5m. Where as the iS76/86 are ideally 5.5 to 6.5m (one or two forces up in winds). I'v not tried a iS94/96 but have been told they feel slightly smaller than my S100. I'v tried a iS87 with a 7.6m NS Warp in light 15-20 knot winds and was real suprised to find that it worked well (I'm 105kg). I got a iS76 last and tried it on monday in gusty 25 to 37 knots, I'v got a sprained wrist that is giving me problems so I could'nt sail real fast, but the iS76/NS Warp 5.8m/Tec F1 30cm fin got to mid 30 knots very easily. For GPSSS, the iS76 will easily go past 40k (with a good rider on it). The feeling of the iS76 is much much smaller compaired with the iS87 which suprised me as they are similair dimensions. iS76 is easy to get planing and rides accross confused chop comfortably. Nice board, worth considering.

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