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Default Fins Isonic 133

The 48 Drake fin only works in flat water. Here you can easy ride on the fin and point high. When sailing on smal waves The drake fin has a little to many rake and presure the nose of the board down on every wave and lower your speed. In this situation it is better to use fins with less rake. SL2 46 and 48has a little less rake than the Drake and will perform better. The board and nose are higher positioned on the water on small and bigger waves and flyes better, more easy over these shop without the feeling it stiks on every wave. I use the Isonic with RSracing 9.0 also use fins 54 and 51 in real flat water. With more chop and more wind (9.0) I use the SL2 46-48. With 7.8 I use 42-44 cm. Hope this will help.

Regards Sieger
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