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Default Starboard Rio S 2008


I have ordered the new Starboard Rio S 2008 board and I hope I made a good choice with this board to learn windsurfing on. I started with a F2 Hornet 144, but soon discovered that this board was to difficult for me so I decided to buy a bigger one. The Naish Kailua 180L. Instead of the Naish I now ordered the Rio S. I really hope this board is easy and stabel enough like the Naish. What I really like about the Rio is the fact that the footstraps have multiple positions and especially one near the mast. That will make windsurfing in the footstraps a lot easier in the beginning. I weigh about 83 kg and hope that the 175L is big enough for me.

Can you give me some more advise about this board?


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