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Hi GT,

I'm assuming from your original comments that you have a smaller board to handle the windier side of the spectrum, so I guess it's important to consider the core conditions for your "big board" use. If the likelihood of using the 7.0 and 8.0 is greater on average, I would tend to lean more towards the Futura122 because you can benefit from the added volume, particularly if the wind in your locale often dies quickly, or if you have to slog out to and back from the windline. On the other hand, if you tend to see more 6.3 and 7.0 days on average, I think the scale would clearly tip favor towards the Future111 instead.

Regarding the issue of width, I think that Starboard is trending towards slightly wider, but thinner designs, so it's hard to compare an older design like the Carve simply based on width (overall and in the tail). It's my thought that volume is really your best focus point, so I wouldn't weigh marginal differences in width to be super meaningful.

One question you might want to ask yourself is whether your Carve122 often felt too big for the conditions, where you might have found it to be a handful to control and track in the swell and chop. From my experience, the water state in coastal locales can often exhibit swell and chop coming from a greater distance than the immediate wind influences. Of course, only you can know for sure about this, but I think that reflecting on past experience would help you better discern your optimum path here.

I'm sure that you might want to hold out for some specific input from the team to help you choose here, but I hope that I've offered some useful food for thought.
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