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Hi Nico,
Whether or not the Rio M will be much better depends alot on how much wind you will be sailing in.
What sail sizes will you be using, and will the wind be 15 knots (7.7 meters/sec or Force 4 BFT) or more?
If you have more wind, and use smaller sails, then the Rio S could work, but if you have < 15 knots, most of the time, then the Rio M is probably going to be better.
The forward footstrap situation will be pretty much the same for all boards except older long boards.
I'm not saying the board will not plane...... it will, but it will take alot more time and wind to get planing, and won't be very fast compared to other similar boards with the sailor using the all the way back and outboard footstrap positions.
Unfortunately alot of sailors who are new to the footstraps seem to worry too much about getting into the straps and won't take the next step (well, actually a step that should happen at the same time) of getting hooked in and getting their weight off the board.
I know for me it feels really funny to be in the footstraps, but not hooked in. It seems that I almost always come out of the footstraps before or at the same time I unhook from the harness.
If you are already using a harness, then I suggest starting with the footstraps in the intermediate positions, then move them back as soon as possible.
What exactly to you expect that getting into the footstraps is going to do for you?
Are you bouncing off the board over large chop....?
Are you getting catapaulted over the front of the board alot...?
Hope this helps,

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