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Hi Superidis,

not a team member, but I can suggest a couple of ideas from my personal "average guy" experience and plain logic.

To me, "fast + soft" requirements can have one only "best answer" among race sails and that is Maui Sails TR-3(4). Everybody will confirm that those sails are extremely fast, and everybody will swear that thoroughbred race sails simply don't come any softer.
More than that, you will see that Neil Pryde and North top sailors are big guys well over 95 kgs. (AA, BD, MB...); while Kevin Pritchard is about your weight and Taty Frans is even lighter. KP is second overall in slalom this year; Taty (a freestyler!) did some impressive racing against top slalom guys and beat many of them quite a few times. This to my eyes means that you need at least 10 or 15 kgs. more (muscle!) weight in order to squeeze out enough performance from an RS or Warp to be competitive against another sailor on Maui Sails. Now you know how much fit you are, so it's up to you.

This is not to say RS and Warps are not good; only, I am an enthusiast user of TR-3 and reckon they are designed to suit normal body frames as well as big World tour champions. And I am answering to your post because you want a soft feeling sail, which RS and Warps are usually not considered to be.
Should you decide to go for Maui Sails, the money you save on sails will help you to get the right mast (100% carbon) which is mandatory at such level.

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