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I'd thought I'd post my experiences with my 6.6 hucker. I've used the sail with my Serenity, Madd 135 and Max2Air 264 (115 liters). I've found in light air it feels more powerful and does require a little pull to sheet in and start planing, but once it gets going it acts just like my 6.5 retro. I've installed one of Roger's pulley setups with an AO and probably have been over using it, but with our up and down wind it has saved me from the 25 mph gusts that roll thru. On the 135 I can keep up with the 8.0 people when the winds picks up. So my 8.0 is taking a well deserved rest as is my back. Basically I'm glad I've got it and cannot wait for my fall trip to Hatteras to try it in some steadier winds. (Roger- next week with BABA, yes the Serenity is making the trip.)
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