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Hi superidis,

If you do intend to buy a new boom, geo is absolutely right on target in recommending the Maui Sails Carbon booms. In my opinion, the MS booms are without a doubt the best boom on the market. The design work and engineering done by boogie and the team at MS to achieve a superior range of products is truly outstanding. Looking at all the details it's readily apparent that every thing was done right and no shortcuts were taken. Really, design and manufacturing excellence at its best. I'm mighty proud to own the MS Carbon Wave 170.

If a new boom isn't in the picture right now, I would still highly recommend updating the front ends of your booms with the MS front end. I upgraded my HPL carbon boom, and the result is unbelievable. The retrofit task is also super simple too. The overall improvement was incredible, as the connection is rock solid with absolutely no slippage, and ease in which the boom attaches and comes off is unparalleled. I used to endlessly fight and curse the HPL front end line attachment and removal process, and could never get a solid connection no matter how tight I tried to make things. Do yourself a favor and look into MS front end upgrade. You won't regret it.
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