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Default Which iSonic (94 or 101)


I tested a lot of slalomboards during the season. Also the sonic 85 and isonic105. The 85 really convinced my with 6.0 GTX and high wind conditions (20-30 Kts with gusts over 35 Kts) with the board staying controllable and very solid. The iSonic105 I tested with too small fins most of the time (32 cm) which didn't give a very proper view to me.

Which iSonic may be better for me (95 kg) in flat to choppy conditions for the Overdrive 6.5 for slalom and speedsailing? The bigger sail is an OD 7.5 and the smaller an OD 5.5 which work great!! The 7.5 will be used with my Falcon120 normally. The 5.5 I may use also on this board, but the 50 may look nice for the 5.5 and RS4 5.0!

: the site is working better and better at the moment, but I can get any details at this time. Does the 87 and 94 have slide cut outs as well?

nb: does the 50 also has any slalomaspects or you always have to walk back (with I normally do at Strand Horst in the Netherlands (also with large boards) after making a dozen of speedruns to much). How does it deal with small/larger chop (0.5 mtr<), what are the differences with the small isonics. Which sailsizes can the 50 handle easely?

Thanks in advance!
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