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Hi Screamer/Ola
Thanks for replies.
On question of my board choice I tried (had) a k95 and found it only marginally better (if any)than present 105 litre board in 5.4 weather and it was a bit big (even with my weight on it) in 4.7. Hence why I`m thinking A 86 (or k89).Present board goes down to 5.4 fine; so I agree with Screamer ie)New board needs to work below 5.4. (ie 4.7 and 4.2 and occasionally 3.7)
On a more general note point I was trying to make was could manufacturers be more specific with weight and sail range relationship. If I chose board from sail range guide I`d be buying an Acid 80;it has in theory perfect sail range for my smallest board.If I chose it purely on volume(width) I`d be buying a k96.

Suspect most 95k+ sailors are in similar dilemna.

Putting it another way ; what is recommended sail range for PA 86 with 102k rider ???
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