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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Putting it another way ; what is recommended sail range for PA 86 with 102k rider ???
Do keep in mind that sail size is also roughly linearly related to weight and in respect to a 170-80 pounds sailor you can hang on more sail. If you sail mostly in the 15-20 miles/hour range (call it a 6.0 for you, call it a 5.0, on a wave board, for me at 150 pounds) you will need a 90-100 liters board. If you sail in the 20/25+ miles/hour range (5.0 and below) you can use a 80-90 liters board. That is ... an Acid 86 or the Kombat 89 might be sort of ok in your marginal 5.5 conditions but fine in powered up 5.5 or when you use a 5.0 and below ... I suppose

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