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Default Early Planing Board

Hi, I look for a board that enables me to enjoy my hobby even when the wind conditions are not great. Since I don?t have as much time as I wish (family and job ) I need to live with the conditions that I find when I have time. Therefore I want to buy a board that planes early and complements my 86 and 104 l boards. The current 129 l board does not fully satisfy me in that respect and I want to replace it. I use the 104 l board with a 7 sqm sail as largest one. My weight is 78 kg. Early planing and good speed is relatively more important than fantastic gibing capabilities although I still would like to get reasonably well around ?the corner?. Which board is most suitable and stretches well into low wind speed regions ? and what type of sail would fit best? I would be prepared to buy also a new, larger sail than I have now (largest is 9 sqm).

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