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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Hi Davide
See your reasoning but I think you are doing what we all do at times; ie bend the figures a bit here and there and then say well it nearly fits.

In 15 knots I would be on around a 6.5 (or even 6.2)
In 25 above figures would give me a 4.2 (ie 6.5/1.7)(for equal power ???)
Which is about correct.(Id be getting overpowered with 4.7 and thinking about 4.2)
This model would also show sailors coming towards similar sized sails as wind gets stronger. (which is one of few facts we have.)

PS Your equation gives me an 8.2 metre in 15 knots ?? and a 5.5 in 25. (Both out, my biggest sail is 7 and I sail from around 13 knots)
It is a wild approximation, if you could sum up variables such as wind force, board lift, water conditions, sailor weight, sailor height (think leverge), and ... sailor preferences (do you like to go overpowered or powered up) in 1 silly linear equation ... well, quite a good eqn it would be. However, center the equation on your sailing style (i.e. change the 0.65 coefficient to match your 15 knots = 7 suqare meters) and the eqn will work ok ... in the sense of giving an idea of ballpark weight related differences (not to actually pick up a sail at the beach!)

Individual variation can be a very large component. Two days ago I was out with my Acid 74 with a 4.7 SO alternating with my W52 with a 5.6 twin-cam: just for fun, same wind conditions, if I was racing slalom I would have been probably on a 6.0+

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