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Hi Mark H
great to hear from u. U R the same size as me so first question is where do u get ur wetsuits. Poxy xxl dont fit me and I aint fat. Which manufacturers suit do u use!
2. What ur saying about the mast foot I will try, because I remeber in long board racing years ago I watch Julian Anderson annilate a IMCO field in 6 knots. Some of the guys were 60kg but he had is mast track half way back in fcuk all wind. He pumped the whole circuit and planed all the way round. I asked him why he had the track back and he gave the same reason as u. He said a quick pump allow the nose to come up the he could float out to the edge of the board and try to keep it up on the plate.

2. Yes I am trying the long harger harness line boom to shoulder/chin to allow the board to rise.

3. I will adjust the rear straps because u r correct I cant twist enough to force to nose round to broad reach.
What fin R U using and which 11M sail R U using?
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