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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Hi Davide
Not sure sail size and weight are linear.Infact pretty sure they aren`t.
In lightish winds;or possibly in a particular given wind they could be.But as wind increases the difference in sail size has got to diminish.
A doubling in windpower quadruples the amount of energy/power available.
In lightish winds I find I need about a metre more than average (ie I`ll have a 7 on ; 75k mates on a 6 but in strong winds (ie 4 metre ish) I can get going with pretty much same size sail .
I`ve pretty much got it sorted for sail sizes/wind. But struiggling a bit on smallest board choice.
Agree with you re Acid 86/K89 though.
Thanks for repy.
Sorry for not replying earlier, but I was a bit busy and had to think a bit too. It is always dangerous extrapolating my own light weight experience to something else. However, your comment above makes things more clear. Regardless if things are linear or not, you're sail size experience is indeed the experience you have. And that coincides with my experiences as a lightweight (watching how sailor of different weights rig relative to how I rig). I would say that this comment also explains why it seems harder for heavier people to get as much wind range out of their boards.

So, when you are powered up on that 5.4, it is going to be very windy (say 4.7 weather for me) and the spectrum down to 3.7 (when I probably i still hanging onto my 3.5) really is not as big as it first seemed. Since you will pretty much not ask any light wind performance from this board, I think you should go rather small. That said, even when it windy there are wind holes, so you have to find a volume that you are still reasonably comfortable on. Hence I to think the PA 86 will be the best compromise. Then you get the more control oriented thinner and narrower tail (compared to the Kombat 89) and you still get the extra weight carrying capability compared to K79 or PA80.
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