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Hi Sam,
I think I will be able to sail in another week or 2.
I have no idea what the retail cost of the Phantom 380 will be.
Have your local Starboard Retailer ask the importer that question please.
I have had a prototype of the Race 380 (but it's not 380 long) and a regular
Phantom 302 cm.
Both are pretty nice boards and would do exactly what you seem to want.
Jibing a longboard really shouldn't be too difficult for you. Just remember, if you hav
the centerboard down, you need to roll the board to the outside of the turn.
With the centerboard retracted, a longboard jibes just like a big shortboard.
As to which is better, the Phantom or the Exocet Kona or Mahalo, I've sailed the Kona,
and it's a really nice board. Planes up very early for a longboard, and is quite fast.
The "step hull" concept works pretty well.
If you want to race, then I think the Phantom 380 might be better, but there's a longboard class specifically for the Exocet Kona.
I'm recovering fine, and way ahead of schedule. I'm spending my days now teasing the
fish here in Hatteras. I'm getting back into fly fishing and I'm not sure if I'm teasing the fish, or the fish are teasing me.....?
Hope this helps,
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