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Question 42 vs Formula in light winds

Hi Kevin,

I wonder what do you enjoy more in light winds - slalom or formula?

I am talking about like real light winds (8-9knots). I am not sure in what winds do the PWA races are run in (rules say 7 knots for 42 but I doubt planing is possible on slalom gear in 7 knots) but I guess you have had some racing in really marginal stuff this season.

I have always been advocate for slalom as formula is expensive, but I also find that in marginal winds on 9.8 it probably might be more fun to be on a larger than 80cm board. What do you recon? I remember some years ago you said you enjoyed 12m sailing (you said it felt like cheating the nature sailing in next to no wind). Has slalom 42 sailing make you think different of 12m sails and formula sailing in general? Would you still encourage some recreational sailors take on formula and 11+ sails?

Best regards,

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