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Hi Vincent,

Although I'm not a Starboard representative and can't answer your question concerning their use of colored resins (which I seriously doubt they use), I can offer you some information regarding pigments. Different colored pigments in the form of monomers can be purchased and added to polyester and epoxy resins to color them for opaque and transparent results. However, working with such pigments does add a bit of complexity over use of clear resins, since the amount of pigment can affect the catalytic process, especially if trying to achieve dense opaque colors. Also, the quality of your tape-off work really needs to be fairly well developed to achieve good results.

Really, in the large production arena, I think that most firms like Cobra International are using paints or photographically generated patterns to achieve their colors and graphics.

However, if you want to use pigments to color resins, I would suggest contacting Fiberglass Hawaii or Fiberglass Supply to either buy or learn more about the standard pigment colors readily available. Also, in some colors, they have premixed pigmented resins available. Without a doubt, the premixed alternatives take away some of the difficulty in achieving a properly balanced level of color, particularly for those opaque applications.
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