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Nice discussion going on here. This is a very complex issue since there are a lot of variables at play. Two examples below to illustrate that complexity :

1) 105 kg mate on Carve 161 + freerace 9.5 sail and myself 65 kg on Kombat 86 + freemove 6.9 sail. Drag racing side by side in steady onshore 12-18 knots of wind. Below 12 knots, none of us can start planing. We can both start planing at the same time with 12 knots winds and well powered-up, we were equally fast.

2) 85 kg mate on iSonic 122 (Drake Slalom Pro 42/44/46 cm fin) + Racing 7.8 sail and myself on iSonic 76 (Drake Slalom Pro 32 cm fin) + racing 6.6 sail. Drag racing side by side in gusting offshore 15-20 knots of wind. Well powered-up, he was a tad faster than me but way faster once we hit a 15 knots lull. Enter a 67 kg racer on Falcon 72 (Tectonics GW 36 cm fin) + 6.7 racing sail and this guy beat us on all point of sail with stuning planing ability in lower wind range.

Conclusions :

1) match board size with sail size according to your weight for the conditions.
2) a wider board size with a fairly large fin is faster in gusting offshore winds.

Cheers !

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