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Default RE: 11.0 on F-Type 148?...


Thanks for that feedback on the F-Type 148. I am close to your weight, just over 150. I am planning on getting a 64 cm or so fin for the 9.5. I have a 70, glad to know that works for you, I will try it with my 9.5 next time it is really marginal.

What prompted me to think about it was I got seriously "outplaned" the other day by a guy on a Formula board and an 11.0. In fairness to me and to the F-Type, I was on my 8.5 from earlier in the day when it was windier, was too lazy to re-rig, and I had the stock 56 cm fin on too. And this guy was also a Formula racer I believe.


Thanks. We look forward to your reports on the new boards. I am thinking of the Phantom for a second recerational board (first one is a 2006 Viper 80, replaced 2005 Start M) for the family, it would be interesting to hear from you on that as well, after the Surf Expo.

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