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Thanks for the fast response.

I have found both replys very helpfull. To answer some of Roger's questions the usual wind strength I am sailing at the training spot is 10 to 13 knots however I plan most of the time to be sailing at my village where I would get a range of 12 to 17 knots and some days even more. That's why I have given some thought to the 111 although I think I would be on the safe side with the 122.

Fortunately I don't use the centerboard upwind any more when I sail the Phoenix.

A guy I met at the particular beach at the same level as I am uses an F2 STOKE 125 with a 6,2 NP SABER.

However in the small country where I come from it is unfortunate that you will not get true advice; most people in the business will talk you out of taking more than 2-3 lessons. They will try to convince you that you might need two or three different boards for the first couple of years as a way to go.

Any way thanks a lot for you time guys.
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