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The usual story.
It makes perfect sense by a sponsored athlete's, constantly in touch with the designers point of view; a huge lot less from a common sailor's one. In the first case, one is always perfectly aware of what is going on and what the changes are, plus he is often testing the boards even at proto stage. In the second case, testing (and comparing side by side) is not common, one can only read the marketing bull**** and the result is very often just confusion and mistakes.
The idea of making adjustments to the focus of the boards year by year is to my eyes totally crazy. As for Starboard case: you have Evos, PAs and Kombats: what need to adjust "design objectives"? Just decide them once and for all and let know exactly what each lineup is good for! Isn't three enough?
By the way, I was reading a post where you Ola were comparing in detail the differences in possible two boards quivers of Evo models from '06, '07 and '08. This was the only way for me to discover that my decision to keep my '06 83 was right because the XTV80 has less light wind range. Luckily I didn't change.
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