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Well, I think it would be crazy not to "adjust the goal" (ie design objectices) now and then. Shapers learn stuff and in fact, windsurfing as a sport changes. If I go down and look at a beach in Sweden now, many, many people really try to wave _ride_ despite our often shitty onshore conditions. 15 years ago almost everybody only did some backside riding and concentrated on jumping. If design objectives of wave boards should have stayed the same I don't think there would even be a production wave board market anymore as everybody would have gone for customs. So over time, also production board design objective has to change.

And in almost all cases, the design objective changes (as I interpret them from "semi outside") only changes very, very little from year to year. In fact, the EVO 06 and 07 are still more similar than either of them is to ANY other board so it is really marginal in the big picture. The "general" design objective for each board stay the same, it is more in the details things chnge. And the EVO 80 from 07/08 is in my opinion a great success and one of the best EVOs made (and for me it actually has a bigger wind range since I can still fit my big wave sail on it but now are more comfy on smaller sails too). In fact, even if you go back to the original EVO presentation in 2004 ( ) the 07/08 EVO 80 might be the board that fit that criteria best of all boards so far. If anything it was the 2006 EVO 83 that was a bit "different".

Kombats are also interesting examples. If Starboard would have kept the same design objectives as for the first incarnation, they would definitely not be as good as they are today.

So getting back to were I started, there has to be some experimentation for the industry to move forwards. Producing good production boards is not only about deciding-shaping-testing. Some things can only be learned by listening to real customers and see how certain boards fair on the market and that knowledge is an important part of the design process too.

But a good point, geo, is that one should never change just for the sake of changing. With the internet and everything, is actually not so difficult to get good and rather specific info on how the new boards work.
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