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Hm. Good points. But I don't perfectly align myself yet.
"Evolving" design objectives is one thing, changing them another. New objectives can be wider than older ones and encompass them because shaping evolutions make this possible; but changes just make things more difficult for buyers. It might be a matter of terminology, but every now and then I see people asking "I'm xx kg. and want a wave boards for xx conditions, xx to xx sail size, which one I buy, E, PA or K?", just like I did some times ago, meaning to me that it is not everything perfect.

Your point about the '06 Evo 83 is probably good at your weight: to me that board is just about as small as I can go and still have a board of some use, any lesser (light) wind range would make it almost useless. And I'm about 84 kg., not an hulk. Actually it lets me use 5.0 to 5.8 sails with ease, which to me means having a one board quiver; but just try to stretch it one way or the other and...

What I really don't like is the usual marketing thing, make a new model and make it obsolete after one year. I hate that. Maybe it is just part of how the industry works, a needed ingredient in the recipe of a successful manufacturer as it boosts sales somehow, making it possible to go on selling lots of nice boards at a decent price; but it is where customers' and manufacturers' interests are conflicting too. I may have my 83, feel it is perfect for me, will never use it any near the limits SMcK pushed it to, and see it is substituted by a new model that is "different" rather than "better" and that simply can not take the place of it... so I have an obsolete board, and hope it will not need replacement, just because the manufacturer decided so. No. I don't like it. By the way, I am waiting for a new slalom board '08 model that was just very very slightly changed after two full years production of previous '06-'07 model, which by the way is undistinguishable from the new one at sight unless by actually measuring it. One of the reasons I choose it is that in the meantime Starboard has proposed, for about the same wind range (6.3 to 7.0 sail size), S95, iS105, iS101 '07, iS94, iS101 '08 and iS96. Call that evolution, and hope Starboard is happy with it...

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