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Default Sail size(s) for lightweight hobby formula racer

Hi there

Iím 1.75m (5.7ft) tall and I weigh 62kg (137lbs). What sail size(s) would recommend for me (hobby windsurfer) on my old formula board on swiss lakes? Maybe there any other lightweights out there - e.g. ladies Ö

Here some more details:
I have to replace my current 9sqm (an old YES formula sail Ė with its 2 cambers maybe comparable to a freerace sail), which is the only sail I use on my Starboard formula 175. During the last Engadin Surfmarathon I thought (again) that a bigger sail would be great and maybe manageable. I adventured a few years ago to buy a 11sqm (a NP RS1 which came out then), because I thought that a 10sqm would be to close to my 9sqm. But I couldnít handle these 11sqm at all: I couldnít sail it actively, I was overpowered even in light gusts and it felt to heavy even in low wind conditions. Today Iím sure I made also some mistakes in rigging (not enough luff tension). Now Iím thinking of replacing my 9sqm sail with another 9sqm or with 10sqm Ė or maybe in a first step with a 10sqm adding 9sqm to it later. But it would be great to keep the amount of sails low. Iím almost sure, that it will be a more freerace-like sail (e.g. NP RS-Slalom or V8) than a pure competition sail for pros (e.g. NP RS-Racing). There is a NP RS-Slalom 9.2 and 10.0 - would that be too close? By the way: With the new sail I would like to keep the option to switch from a formula board to a modern slalom board. And: With my 9sqm on my formula board I like the overlap with my 100-L-Board-6.9sqm-freestyle-sail-combo.

Thanks for any comments

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