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Good point, but I think Starboard in general and the forum team in particular always tries to point out that the "old board" is certainly not going to be obsolete just because a new one comes out. In fact, I think this is more than anything in the heads of "regular sailors" and prospective buyers, and I would even go as far as saying the less "aquatinted" you are with the boards (ie the further away you are from owning one) the more important it will seem to get the absolute latest model. I think this is in one part marketing, but in another part the fact that if you're gonna plunge down the money and get a new board - something you maybe never did before - you're very worried about getting the latest and greatest.

Marketing is kind of hard to aviod these days, but I really think we try to build value so that old boards will not feel more obsolete than necessary. When a new concept like the Futura comes around it's more difficult, but in most cases the old boards keep their value rather well (value in terms of that a sailor using them will not feel they are to much dated by newer models).

As for the difficulty in knowing what wave board to buy, I think the three lines, or at least EVO vs PA/K (P and K are very similar) are actually as far apart as you can imagine two wave boards to be when it comes to feel and style. I think the marketing describes them rather well (within a limited space). The problem is usually that it takes some "talking through" before the sailor realize what they want. If you look at most of my posts, they are a lot about lifting certain aspects of the boards performance an comparing them. This is a "trick" to make the sailor think about what he values in a board (rather than just what conditions one sails). So in a way, it s more about educating the customer to make his own choices in an informed way. Often this pans out rather well, look for example at this long thread at the hot sails maui forum to se what I mean ( ). The person that asked the original question had done a good deal of analyzing himself, but in the end, I think, got a better way of organizing his thoughts around how boards work and what he wants from them.

As for the E83, yes, weight will matter, but I would still say that the 07/08 E80 offers more to more people. Its a better wave riding board with more "rounded" performance on a wave because it improves a lot on the achilles heel of the EVOs (top turn at speed) without sacrificing much in other departments. There are plenty of sailors your weight that loves it as s single board. But I liked the 83 too, and when it came I thought this was the future of the EVO concept. But things went a slightly different way. It certainly would be interesting to develop the E83 concept (more concave, less rocker) but there is only so much time in the world.
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