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I'm also a lightweight (65 kg) using a Severne Code Red R2 11.0 sail on my HS105 + RS7 55 cm fin. This is almost as good as another lightweight racer on his F158 + 70 cm fin and NP RS5 9.8 sail. However, a 9.0 such as RS5 is a bit too small to really enjoy light wind (e.g., today offshore 7-10 knots on Lake Geneva). It also depends what's your minimal threshold you're aiming at starting the planing too.

For hobby use, you really don't need a full-on racing sail; freerace sails are usually lighter, less complex to fine-tune and more powerfull in lower range. For your light weight, I would suggest a light, soft and easy to pump sail such as Severne Overdrive 10.0 (or NP V8 10.0) which is plenty enough in the 7-12 knots wind range. You can then jump on your freestyle board + 6.9 sail as soon as you'll get overpowered with your big sail and F175 (as of 12 knots for my 65 kg on Kombat 86 + NP Jet 6.9).

Where are you located in Switzerland (if you want to test drive my Code Red 11.0 sail on your F175)?

Cheers !


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