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Originally Posted by steveC View Post
Rapid change has its cost. Frankly, I think much of the cost of fashion and changing designs might be better invested in construction innovations that influence longer product life.
But I think you miss the point here. In my first post I say that changes are in fact not made if there is not enough "return". PA 07->08 and many EVOs are examples of that and that happens despite lots of protos being made and tested.

Looking at thiss, what can better give real sailing value to a board than the board being as good as possible? That new stuff comes out will not change the behavior of the current board. Suppose Starboard held back one year, despite having significantly better shapes ready. If you then bought the new board you would in a way be fooled of one years worth of development. Of course, it would be better for your friend just trying to get rid of his board from last year, but it will not be better for you. So, not producing a better board when it exists will only be good for the people that are selling their old stuff, and since the whole argument from the beginning comes down to being able to keep the stuff longer this is sort of a contradiction, isn't it?

The industry will always keep saying that the latest stuff is the best. And usually it is. But again, when you're allready on a board, it's up to you, not the industry, to decide when it's worth getting a new one.

A have a few friends who have gone for custom boards the last few years. Ironically,one reason - maybe the main one - is to get a board they can keep for a longer time. The reason they feel they can do this has generally nothing to do with performance or customization. It is just the fact that with custom graphics, nobody will notice you're on last years board, so you can just skip that update frenzy altogether. Psychology, my friends...
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