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Hi Pete and Hardie,

At many venues, weeds are a compelling obstacle that is very difficult to ignore. In the past, I was always very disappointed with the performance of weedfins, even the True Ames ones. Ultimately, I bought a 20" SB Weed, and it worked fairly well, but it was a lot of fin. I ultimately sold it after destroying my 8.1 in late 2004. However, I recently bought a new 8.3 and found myself needing another big weedfin. This time around I bought a 34cm Lessacher carbon Duo Weed in light of my excellent results sailing with one of Lessacher's 28cm carbon Duo Weed S fins in combination with a 7.0. I can't tell how impressed I am with his weedfins. They offer excellent upwind drive with absolutely no spinout, despite their much shallower depth. Surprisingly, they perform so well without any front overhang in the finbox. In my opinion, Lessacher is offering "the" benchmark in weedfins. I believe that his use of asymmetric foiling is the secret. Very different, yes, but they truely perform. Do yourselves a favor and check them out at the following website.

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