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Geo, don't know enough about slalom boards to comment on that, but regarding the wave boards, I still argue that EVOS and Acids are as far apart as ever. The crucial point is that both of them are all round wave boards that differn more in style than in what conditions they suit. Of course, there is not a 100% overlap in suitable conditions for a typical sailor, but big enough. The problem here is that when the EVO's came around, thy were billed _by others_ mags and stuff) as onshore boards for slow waves, but they have never been only that (again, check the promo text from the 04 site). Some brands do positions their boards more relative conditions (and optimize their short and wide board for slow onshore waves sacrificing range). Nothing wrong with that, its one way of doing it. But both the EVO and Acid have always been about a wide range but instead different styles. That may seem more fuzzy, but it is VERY seldom a short conversation (on a forum like this) will not put a guy on the right board.

So, therefore the "sideshore thing" with the EVO's is definitely not out of context. They were always good sideshore boards, its just that different sizes from different years have more or less of that "drive" which will make them rock in faster waves. Fx, the 70 have always been a drivier shape, each year. Still it has been just as much of an EVO as any other size. And the 07 75 was also a "perfect EVO", in fact germans SURF heralded it as the most "modern" version of this class of boards.

About the "assortment" thing, I think the current EVO lineup is better spaced. In 06, the 74-83 step was too large since the 83 was a faster design. 74+83 would make a good two board quiver for some, but at the same time, for may people looking for one board, the 74 got a bit to small and the 83 a bit to much to handle in high wind. Choices are more clear in the 07/08 lineup, and I don't really see a gap between the 80 and 90. In fact, my guess is that over 90% of E83 sailors would be happier on the E80. There are some special things the E83 does very well, but overall the E80 is just a better wave board (and in particular a "better EVO", ie more true to the original concept).

Steve: I don't know. None of us can look into the future, but if you look at riding styles and board shapes retrospectively, there is a clear correlation and both sailing style trends of pros and amateurs have affected things. long time ago we had flat rockered Euro waves and Hookipa pro boards, then Polakow came along and pro boards go faster which made them more suited to general sailors that started to ride waves more. The EVO came along with more rocker (again) but in a wider package and which led to an explosion in boards that provide good riding easily which again upped the general level and made a few sailors look for the sharper and now more all roudn "classic shapes". Now we're seeing changes again, with Kauli having maybe as much influence on how the pros want to ride a wave as Jason had in the early 90s. So, pro boards will change (and the twin fins is just a small part of it) and this will sooner or later influence production boards too. Its a never ending story and when looking back, I don't see that many "bad choices" in (wave) board design made by manufacturers. Most stuff fit their time well and some was part of a leap into the future.
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