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Hi Ola,

I thought I might throw a slightly different focus on my earlier comments. Yet, overall, I think that there's still a good synergy that comes to the top for the sport's benefit. What I think doesn't get as much serious consideration in the current scheme of things is that the past lacks a certain degree of weight and importance. Quite frankly, this gets back to my earlier general point of creating customer value, and quite frankly, establishing character and value to the past.

Of course, the future is always going to be the leading vanguard that focuses on new ideas and style. Nonetheless, I think that past performance and a positive recognition of earlier concepts and triumphs offers value and support for the brand. Needless to say, sometime awesome statements in time (that are often difficult to repeat) come from earlier designs.

I guess my point is that the used market supports the sport, and maybe more importantly, that the past can offer similar leverage in affecting the positive growth of the sport, particularly those folks with limited funds. Obviously, less industry sales in viewing this perspective, but the benefits to the brand may be just as noteworthy in establishing participation, and ultimately, leadership in the marketplace.
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