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EVO 80: I think you can keep mast track pretty much in the middle or slightly back. For some people on EVOs, pointing get better when you move the straps a bit forward. The stance is pretty wide and for better B&J sailing you an try moving rear strap forward but front straps back for a narrower spread.

Fins: the original fin very good, but small. To trim the boad for more B&J, you can either go for a stiffer fin but would say the best option is to get a bigger version of the Drake Natural fin which works very well with the board. A 24 or even 25 (if you're going to use 5.8) could complement the original 23 on the 07 E80. If you get a 08 E80 you could even get a 26 which would for a good quiver with the original 24 on that board. 26 on the 07 would leave a bit of a gap in your fin quiver.

At 75 kilos, you could also try the 2008 EVO 75 (a bit "bigger" and faster than the 07 version). It will still handle 5.3 very well but be a bit more controllable for powered up 4.6.

But again, for more focus on B&J, Kombats and Pure Acids are natural way to go. The Kombat 79 is a wonderful and very easy riding board which has a sick bottom turn. The Pure Acid 74 sails like a smaller version of the K79 which makes it handle faster wave riding better at the price of being a bit sinkier and a tad later planing with sails over 5.3.

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