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Default 9 or 10 or maybe both

Hi Randy, Post 3 and Jean-Marc

Thanks for all your helpful feedback - great!

Maybe I should try a 10sqm freerace sail or a NP RS-Slalom. Then I will see what happens next. On the other hand a 9.2sqm would be a (fun) promising and less risky one-sail-compromise. But let's start with some workout for a 10sqm ...

Originally Posted by Jean-Marc View Post
... on Lake Geneva ...
Where are you located in Switzerland (if you want to test drive my Code Red 11.0 sail on your F175)? ...
I'm located somewhere around Zurich. Sometimes I travel to Lac de Neuchâtel quand il y'a la Bise ou du vent d'ouest. I would also like to explore once the magic spot "Excenevex" at the lake Geneva. Thank you very much for offering your 11sqm sail for testing, but I'm almost 100% sure that a 11sqm won't be an alternative - so testing isn't really necessary. What's your homespot?

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