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as for slalom boards, my point is not much about higher/lower expected performances but rather about one make keeping one model and practically unnoticeably change it once, while another make throws 6 different models on the market in the same time to cover the same wind range.

I guess I can totally trust you when you say that both Evos and PAs are allround wave boards with mainly style suitability differences; nevertheless I wouldn't choose a PA for slow mushy holey onshore conditions, and I would hardly choose an Evo for pure side-sideoff down the line sailing. I am sure that SMcK uses Evos in classic conditions, and that KP brings PAs wherever all over the tour, but my abilities are quite a bit different, and as an (sub-)average sailor I'd rather use what basically helps me better. Unless it is not true that Evos do better/easier than PAs in onshore and PAs than Evos in classic down the line conditions.

As for different sizes... you are telling me that things may change from year to year and that a lineup may differ year to year, sizes be altered resulting in different ranges... This means to me that even sizes are a concern, you are confirming my thougths! Wouldn't it be logical then to define a model lineup properly and keep it that way through the years? Wouldn't this avoid possible purchase mistakes to those not continuously posting questions on the forum? My case again: buy the Evo 83 '06 to use it in lightish 5.8 to full5.0 winds; change (luckily I didn't) it for the 80 XTV, and discover it doesn't suit its 5.8 task as well any more. No, sorry Ola, I still think that at this point of evolution changes hardly are just for better; they often are adjustments in which you gain something on one side and loose something else on the other. And you always loose buyers' simpathy, as you make their quivers loose value quicker.
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