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Default RE: The right slalom quiver...

Hi andy, I do not belong to the Starboard team but have been using a Sonic 95 this Summer with Maui Sails TR-2 6,6 and 7,6.
I can tell you that the 7,6 is perfectly useable on the Sonic 94, but I am sure that if those are the conditions, then a bigger board would feel much better under such a big(gish) sail. So I guess you would very seldom use the iSonic 94 + 7,5 combo, since you probably would prefer to use the iSonic 122 with that sail size. The Sonic 95 (and iSonic 94 should be very very similar to it) should be perfect for something around 7,0, it still is really OK for a 6,6 and I guess it would be still fairly nice with a 6,0, but then the 87 would be better by sure. Point is that, IMHO: 1) 87 + 122 leaves a fairly large gap uncovered, 2) 94 + something around 6,5 can still be easily held down in really foul conditions, 3) then it is all down to how often do you sail in well over 25 knots winds with your slalom boards, or how useful a 6,0 is to you vs. a 6,5. Also consider that 6,5 7,5 and 9,0 would be a nice combo.
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