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The Hot Diva sails might be one of the smallest around. It is thoroughly tested though as a few of the female Hot riders live at the Gorge, I hear. This can otherwise be a problem with sails this small, ie not enough time to test them to get a good product. I think that to get the most out of this sail, you should rig it on the Hot Freewave 310 mast. This is a "grown up" mast, which is a bt lower in carbon fiber to achieve softer flex. I have not tried that one either, but I have a Freewave 340 coming my wave which I will try to test agains the Hotrod 340 and my current Gulftech 340 (really soft but super good) next time we get that much wind. The Diva sails are really not made with max owerpower wind range in mind, but they are made to not generate too much power which is probably better when its 10bft.

Another option which is less radical in size but maybe would work just as good is the Superfreak 3.2. Superfreak are known for handling more wind than any other sail, partly because their soft character and partly because they can be trimmed to decrease power and still "keep working" (ie not just get flat and twitchy). The 3.2 would set nicely on a soft 340 mast which would be more useful in other sails (I sometimes rig my 4.0 Fire and SO with a 340 and long extension).
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