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Default For Ian Fox: is96 vs s100?

Hi Ian!

I would like to ask you what are differences between classic sonic 100 and its newest incarnation is96?

I am mainly interested in low end performance comparison (medium powered 7.6 conditions) for figure of 8 slalom racing? My weight is 75-80kg.

I am using is101 this season but I am considering changing it for a something more similar to sonic100, which is my all time favorite slalom board. Don't get me wrong, I like is101 very much, but I miss the "fun factor" of sonic100.

I find is101 easier to control in extreme conditions, so I suppose that is96 is also better in severe chop and high winds, but what about light wind characteristics?

I compete in slalom, mostly figure of 8, and we stop racing if the wind falls below 13 knots. I find 7.6 and 6.6 the perfect sizes for 99% of races. Sonic 100 was just great board for that range and my weight, do you think that is96 will be even better?

Is is96 more similar in ride to is101 or s100?

Does is96 also feature a dual flat bottom concept?

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