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Steve`s right in one thing its an interesting thread.
Every few years we seem to think board design has reached its Zenith and change is just change and it sometimes seems little improvement.It even seems industyry is govenrned by revolution (ie things coming back around again) rather than real evolution.
Thankfully in reality this is not the case.Minute developments year on year do have really significant effect over a few years.
In my opinion boards have reached a stage I never thought they would; in that my Kombat is fantastic in waves; gybes great; handles chop ;planes early (relatively) and is damned fast.Not lonng since we had to have one or the other. Comfortable or fast.Good in waves or early planing.Boards have changed beyond all recognition.Obviously there have been a few dead ends but generally speaking we have come a long long way.If you dont want to change every year thats fine but without doubt if you dont change after 3/4 seasons you ARE missing out.
I do think rig development has peaked though !(Perhaps 3 seasons ago)
Wind for next week !!??
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