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Hi Geo

No need to be so mysterious here, I am interested to hear what exactly is XY model/brand? ...
Hi Scremer,

I don't want to start a discussion about xy being superior/inferior to ziS. My point is that good refined products from experienced shapers are very close in performance and differences are mostly about "how" rather than "how much". Again, '06 Sonic 95 was almost unchanged from '04 and '05 Sonic 100 and was competitive with xy. Another year of breakthrough evolutions, and we have new '07 model such as iS94 and 101... still competitive with an almost unchanged xy. As for '08, it seems things are still the same. So what? Is it possible for xy to be competitive against models whose performances have evolved "so much"? Or maybe someone is cheating? Among all other considerations, did I buy an xy back in '06 now I would still have a commercially "up to date" board; having bought a board from a make that cares so much about evolution, I have an obsolete one instead... with still competitive performances.
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