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...this is spot on with my original post GEO. One of the main reasons people say not to buy a custom board is resale value. Not that within a couple of years it will be outdated. - or you might end up with a board that you didn't want????? - not unless you're a d**b f**k.

These comments are the same with a production board but you know that it WILL be outdated within maximum 12 months if you buy early in the season. Which many people don't as tests [when did a test report last surprise you?] have not come out.

Don't get me started on magazine testting - although I must say that BOARDS UK has a much better angle these days writing more intelligently around the industry.

If you are a decent sailor and know what you want - buying a custom should be your first option in some cases.

If you buy an 2008 board now, by 2010 season it will only be worth max 50% of its value. And 2011 much less. By 2012 it is worthless i.e. 10 - 15% of original value. And it will look like s**t and you'll want a new one.

I am considering buying a Proof custom RipLine [my spec.] rather than a SB Kombat or JP / RRD FSW. These boards have only slightly changed in recent years so buying a custom I no longer have to deal with this 'change for changes sake' business.

And if I like it I will probably replace my 06 Acid in a year or so.

Price for a custom is only marginally higher than a production board and you have something handmade! How cool is that! And bearing in mind windsurfing is not a green sport by any stretch of the imagination - you haven't had it carted all the way from China!
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