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Hey JM, the condition in that second image look pretty gnarly.

Personally, I've sailed few times in up to 25m/s gusts, that is around 55mph with 3.5, but its always difficult to know how the wind speed recordings relate to actual wind speed where one sail. One problem in that much wind is that itäs pretty much impossible to retrieve your gear if you loose it in a fall, but sailing close but the shore on a lake should negate tha dangerns of that.

Anyway, maybe its not so constructive to discuss what wind strengths is or s not possible to sail in since the relevant thing in this thread (unless you're breaking a record) is that if o find a sail that works when your 3.0 is to small.

In januari we had a big storm in Sweden, gust at 42.8 m/s which is over 90mph was recorded and a few people where out sailing in over 30m/s (>67mph). A few shots made it around the globe, for example the one below of Henrik Fahlen sailing a 2.2 Naish kids sail

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